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Snow Skin Flavour For Mooncake

The snow skin mooncake is made up of a tender and fragrant mochi wrapper and a creamy custard filling. This recipe doesn’t require any unusual ingredients, and you can order everything online if you don’t live near an Asian market. It’s the perfect way to honour the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The snow skin mooncake is a modern mooncake with a thin, chewy texture and a soft skin. Ice mooncake or crystal mooncake are other names for it. The word “snow” is used because of the colour and texture of the mooncake wrapper. Unlike the traditional baked sugary pastry, the snowskin mooncake is made with sticky rice flour dough and served chilled.

Unlike the more common traditional mooncake varieties, snow skin mooncakes are not baked. They are a type of Hong Kong mooncake that is now very popular in Singapore.

Our snow skin mooncakes are arguably the best in Singapore for their great cold skin texture. Their fruity internal fillings put you in even more of a celebratory mood.

The soft outer layer of snow skin mooncakes isn’t the only reason they’re popular. In terms of chewability, they’re similar to soft marshmallow cubes and soft muah chee paste.

The coldness of the snow skin appeals to Singaporeans, who keep their mooncakes chilled until they are ready to eat them. People, especially those who live in this country’s hot climate, would benefit from a cold dessert.

Due to their chewy and frozen texture, Singaporeans prefer snow skin mooncakes as a healthier alternative to traditional mooncakes. Because they contain less fat and are made with less oil, snow skin mooncakes are thought to be healthier.

It’s best served chilled, similar to ice cream. Snow skin mooncakes are frequently compared to mochi ice cream because both have glutinous rice crusts and must be kept frozen.

Gao Fen is a processed glutinous rice flour that is used to make mooncakes and Cantonese dim sum. It is also known as cooked glutinous rice flour or fried glutinous rice flour. Because the flour is cooked, it can be mixed and eaten raw. Most snow skin mooncake recipes use this method because it is easy to follow, requires fewer ingredients, and the end result tastes better.

Eating snow skin mooncakes with sips of hot tea is a good way to enjoy it at a gathering. As you would at any traditional mooncake gathering during the Mid-Autumn Festival, brighten the atmosphere with well-lit mooncake lanterns.

A frozen feast is another great way to enjoy the snow skin mooncakes. Ice cream, ice cream cake, ice jelly, and other frozen foods, as well as snow skin mooncakes, make up this frozen feast or frozen homemade buffet.

Having a snow skin mooncake treat with your friends and families during the Mid-Autumn Festival is a great way to bond during this difficult pandemic outbreak period. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with your loved ones over tea or even controlled picnic gatherings, just like Chinese New Year.

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